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A Guide to Exploring Volcano, Hawaii

July 14th, 2016 by kilauealodge

How is one supposed to see and do everything in Volcano when those who have lived here haven’t even done yet?  A place where you have a limited amount of time to process all of the beauty and greatness this island has to offer you.  Simple, know what you want to do, whether it be hiking, sightseeing, or visiting the art galleries and different restaurants’ in the area. Here is a guide to exploring Volcano, Hawaii.


Hiking Mauna Iki

Hiking Mauna Iki

Volcano has numerous hikes with a variety of difficulty. Feeling like you want to do something on the easier side? Try Kipuka Puaulu also known as Bird Park to many of those who live in the area. This is a nice mile round trip hike through the forest. You’re able to see the different types of plants as well as hear the songs of native birds!

Want something a little harder? Try Kilauea Iki. This is a four-mile loop that goes down through the forest onto the crater floor and back up through the switchbacks. Feeling like you can conquer anything and up for a real challenge? Nothing is more challenging than the eleven-mile crater rim trail. Expect to be out all day as you hike through both desert and rain forest.

Sightseeing –

Now if hiking isn’t your thing, don’t worry there’s plenty more to do and see. Hawaii is known for its beauty and you are able to see Hawaii and all its greatness without having to hike. If you’re up for a drive there’s nothing better than taking the hour long drive winding through the rain forest, desert, and coastal lines leaving you to experience things such as the Holei Sea Arch.

You will pass through the different ecosystems and get to experience it all again on your hour drive back up. You can also make your way up to Jaggar Museum any time after sunset to see the amazing glow of the Halema’uma’u crater. On a perfect night, you can sit on the wall and watch the mesmerizing glow of the crater as well as being able to see the Milky Way and shooting stars.


There are many places to eat that will make your trip to Hawaii just as memorable. There are a variety of dining options for you to take part of. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to pick up and go then Tuk Tuk is the place to go. Tuk Tuk is a Thai food truck located at Cooper Center, with the friendly owner to greet you and takes your owner to the quick service it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss.

If you want to sit down at a casual restaurant for lunch then Lava Rock Café and us (Kilauea Lodge) are the places to be.  For fine dining dinner Volcano House, ‘Ohelo Café, as well as our restaurant, are all phenomenal options. Now if you’re worried about your dietary needs such as being a vegetarian or being vegan, youʻre in luck as the Volcano area has a little bit of everything. Café Ono is an elegant restaurant that makes all sorts of vegetarian and vegan meals.

As small as Volcano may be, we definitely have many options for one to enjoy their time in our area. Don’t forget if you ever need accommodations and feel like one day just isn’t long enough for you to accomplish all that you want to then feel free to call us at (808)967-7366 or book a room with us online. You can also make reservations online for dinner at our restaurant by clicking here.